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One of Many Ways to Eat Spring

When Spring returned to us in all its young green finery, I wanted to eat it. To squeeze a little lime on it in broad daylight and find my way, past the beefsteak tomatoes, standing strong on the sides of heirlooms, the tall, bruised green of the earth. The day before Easter, I grabbed the first asparagus of the season at my mom’s local farmers market and decided I was going to create a spring feast, highlighting these thick spears along with other bright and deep greens, such as peas, spring onions, cilantro, thyme, arugula. I wanted fava beans but I couldn’t find any. I stopped by my favorite kielbasa vendor and he handed me the cutest, smokiest ham I’ve ever held, and tasted. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it then, but knew I had to leave with it. “You can use it as decoration for your Easter table,” he told me. I politely shook my head no. I can–and will–use it in everything throughout the week, beginning tomorrow. After tomorrow, …

quest to green*

Originally posted on Crystal Rivera:
A soul could get lost by weeping cherry, stuffed teddy found in the weeds here. Uplift like this: tuck plantings into schoolyards, vacant lots. Spend time doing something that benefits everyone, not only you. Do it dressed as sunflowers, dressed as Bette Midler, as Growers who fight back. If spit of green slopes severely, secure land, draw up plan, build it Up. Like a form of meditation, flit from yarrow to milkweed where flowers sprouted in abandoned lots. *lines/words taken out of this organic life article. Give it a read.